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Protection from Piracy attacks
Protection from Piracy attacks
We are pleased to announce our new activity in regard to Protection from Piracy attacks in the areas of Indian Ocean, Arabic Sea and Persian Gulf.

Our principals provide security to vessels, whether operated for owner’s account or for charterer’s.
Its personnel is consisting by former Greek Navy Seal forces operatives, with at least 20 years experience in Naval and Unconventional warfare, providing services in the field of security with specialization in maritime operations, due to their background.

They can offer specialized armed & unarmed protection by using means which provide the best protection, both for the ship and the Crew and deter the pirates from attempting to attack your vessel, eliminating your concern in this respect.
In addition, every team is manned by a specially trained combat medic, who can deal and treat wounded crew members, from any kind of military weapon.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case any need arises, in order we arrange personal meeting for demonstrating in detail the security procedures, for your consideration.

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